A reflection on my two months in Spain

It has been already two months since I arrived in Spain. I remember two months ago on this date I landed in Alicante and while trying to find the buses which go to Murcia, I asked one woman if she speaks spanish because I needed help. She said: ”No. Macedonian.” Coincidence or not? She was very happy when I started to speak Macedonian to her, because same as me – she was lost. She was waiting for her daughter to come and pick her up and I was looking for my bus. We exchanged few sentences about where we live in Macedonia, what are we going to do in Spain now.. I rarely meet Macedonians abroad, but when I do it always feels so nice.


When I arrived to Murcia, my coordinator picked me up and I got accommodated in my flat with my two flatmates. We are 9 volunteers from one association living in 3 different flats, but there are more doing their EVS here and we hang out with them as well! We are all from different countries, but it really doesn’t make any change in the way we see each other.  So far, I have had fun nigh outs with them and we already had an international evening with traditional food which ended up with full stomachs and ‘‘why I had to try everything” complains.

As I mentioned, I share a flat with two more volunteers and our flat is pretty central, so I like it, because everything is reachable so easily. Actually, Murcia is not a big city, but it took me more than a week to get used to it… and I still get lost(sometimes!).  I also barely use public transportation here. I use it only to go to work. It takes 20 minutes more or less to reach El Palmar – the town where I am working. My working place is situated in the neighborhood  called ”Los Rosales”. I guess bad things were happening/are happening there according to the faces people make when I tell them about my working place. So far what I saw is just friendly people, but I guess if they see you every day and they know you then everything will be alright. My work consists of helping Arabic women and children. Women come in the mornings in our association for Spanish classes, because even though they have been living in Spain for 10 years or more, some of them still cannot speak the language very well. They are so nice and I really enjoy helping them and this way I am also helping myself to improve Spanish!

With children is a bit different. They come for after school activities and they do their homework or sometimes we play, read, do crafts and fun things like that. We are two international volunteers – me and a turkish guy, but they also have local volunteers all the time which is really great.


With the other volunteer we are also having workshops during the English classes in two schools there. I really adore children and I couldn’t ask for a better place to be. They are so amazing and cute and although it is so hard to teach them English, so far I think that we are doing it pretty well. The teachers in the schools are very collaborative, they always respect our ideas and let us do things, so we can learn and improve more in this field.

 I really love what I do and everyday when I wake up I don’t have this feeling of ”oh, not work again”, but instead – I am so happy that I am going there. There is a very positive energy there and everyone who works in this neighborhood is great in general. They make a lot of effort to make a change and it amazes me a lot!

by Marijana Gavrilova


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